Become an MPRA Member


MPRA is a 100% NRA membership club and if you are not a member of the NRA you will be required to join.

Applicants who are not currently NRA members may apply for NRA membership with his/her MPRA application. The current NRA annual dues are $35.00/year (includes firearms insurance, magazine subscription, and other benefits). MPRA receives a $10.00 NRA rebate for new members. Please see our NRA Registration page for details

Becoming an MPRA member is easy

  1. Fill out and Print MPRA Application.
  2. Submit form at monthly meeting.
  3. Pay membership fees
  4. Ensure References return their forms in a timely matter.
  5. Work with mentor to complete pre-membership training session
  6. Shoot required match prior to next meeting.
  7. show up to next meeting to get voted into MPRA.
New Member Application  OR  Renewal Application